The Town of Smithsburg, Maryland
Smithsburg has been a town since 1847. Many local historians agree that the settlement has existed in that area since 1781. Farmers have loved that area and still love the Smithsburg area because of it's fertile land. Although the role of agriculture has diminished, farms and orchards have high importance.

During the Civil War, Smithsburg played a minor role. The main role of the town was to care for wounded Union and Confederate soldiers after the battles of South Mountain and Antietam. Fights often broke out between the soldiers, but they were kept under control.

A popular local attraction is the towns historical society's Heritage Room at the Geiser Room. Another attraction is the square, which has many historical features. The Mayor is Mildred Myers. Smithsburg is only a ten-minute drive east of Hagerstown. Feel free to visit any time. It feels like walking through history.

For more information, please visit this web page on the town of Smithsburg.


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