Computers in Society


This page was created to show how computers are used in various places in society. The use of computers in some places are overlooked and are never given a thought of what they really do. 


From the Creation: Since the first days of the development of computers, people have looked for a fast and easier method of doing things. With the development of one of the first computers, the analytical engine, the thoughts and ideas of their dreams became a reality. Since this great accomplishment, people have began to rely on computers, and even depend on them. But what people do not realize is that computers are every where in society. They use them all the time but do not stop and think about the technology has went into the creation. When computers became available for personal usage in the household, the demand for computers skyrocketed. With this new creation, companies were always trying to be better than their competitor which influenced the importance of discovering better and faster ways of computing. 


Computers in Stores: The need for computers in markets and stores have highly increased. Without computers in stores and markets today, merchandise would not be available so quickly. Stores would have to keep written records of sales and a record of the merchandise all on paper and manually. Computers have highly reduced the job, making supplies and merchandise available faster. Without computers the stores just would not be the way they are today. 


Computers through the telephone line: Today with few exceptions, home  computers are connected through the telephone line. The telephone line is used because it is a general two-way communication. With a telephone connection you can use the phone for chatting on the phone, but also it is a way of having information at your fingertips. You can shop at any hour of the day, find information on almost anything, and even receive and send mail while talking to other people online. This way of communication is a convince for a lot of people and even some people have came to depend on their computers at home. 


Electronic Bulletin Boards: The use of electronic bulletin boards are all over the world today. When people see them they read them and carry on with their business. Not many people stop and think that a computer is what makes that bulletin possible. The first electronic bulletin board was introduced in Chicago in 1978 by Ward Christiansen and Randy Seuss. When the first board was finished they had no idea that the boards would be everywhere. Electronic bulletin boards have greatly reduced the chaos in airports. Even though the creators never thought the bulletin board would be a booming success, it has made its way into society everywhere. 


Planning Traveling Trips: Computers can be used to even plan out a trip anywhere. No matter whether you are driving , flying, or any other transportation, you can plan your whole trip before stepping a foot out of your house. You can purchase your airline tickets online also. If you are taking a trip in your car you can check the fastest route, the shortest route, or even the scenic route. it can tell you the highways and the roads that would need to be taken in order to make your trip a good and enjoyable one. 


These ideas listed is only a small portion of how computers are used. There is an average of between twenty and thirty computers in average household products that we depend on everyday. We have taken these machines and their technology for granted and without them we would be lost. The computing industry has came a long way and is still  growing. Computers are a great part of society and will continue to be in the future. 

This page was created by Langley D.


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