Democracy: Yes or No?

Is it right for the United States to covince other nations to be democratic in their government?

It is partially right for the United States to convince other nations to be democratic in their government by persuading them, but not seriously pressuring them to be democratic.

If other nations converted to democracy, we would not be at war all the time because many of the issues would be agreed upon. The citizens of these countries would be less likely to rebel, for a democracy would give them more rights and freedom, and in some ways, the other democratic countries could help those who are also democratic.

On the other hand, the United States is partially wrong in trying to convince other countries to become democratic. The United States government is always "preaching" about freedom of choice and rights, but yet they are trying to convince other nations to govern themselves the same way.

If Japan had been democratic, we most likely would not have had World War II because we would have thought alike on the issues that caused the war. If Vietnam was a democratic nation, the people may not have rebelled and divided, which led us into an unofficial war with them. Our democratic government was the leader against the military abominations of those nations which opposed our form of government. Those who agree with us treated us as allies such as Great Britain.

In conclusion, the United States is only partially right in its efforts to convince other nations to convert to democracy.

Benjamin Thomas Flaherty Jr.
Stephanie Lynn T.
Edward Lee Y. Jr.
Michael James H.

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