Is equality a reality in American society? If not what things can they do to insure that all Americans will be treated equally by the government?

Equality is not a reality in our society. If you are different in any way you are made fun of and called names. When the constitution was written, the writers only had a vision of what they considered a perfect society, but we know there is no perfection.The government can only do so much to treat everyone equally. I believe that is why the constitution was created. The government should try to enforce the constitution since the rights of the people were written on paper in the Bill of Rights.

The society does not have equality as a reality, but ont he other hand, the government should not regulate who the corporations of america should hire. Corporations should hire who best suits the job wether they are black or white, Oriental or Hispanic. The corporations need to try and stop the discrimination.

There is some equality, but not much. The government needs to enforce the laws that should make people equal.

Not everyone thinks thinks that there is enough equality in America and that the government is not doing its job the way that it should. The main problem is that the government needs to start enforcing the laws that are being broken.

Jeremiah I.
Lane D.
Seth S.
Samantha S.

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