Bill Clinton in the Election of 1996

Was the election of Bill Clinton a positive or negative event for America? Discuss how you see the election for the current president and give some opinion on what you think his chances are in winning the election in 1996.

In the 1996 elections Bill Clinton will run against Bob Dole and Ross Perot. Chances of Clinton being re-elected are appearing to be rather good. Clinton has proven to many to be the best choice.

Polls show that if an election was held today Clinton would receive fifty percent, Dole thirty percent and Perot ten percent. Polls show that if an election was held today it would be most definite that Clinton would win. In a poll between Clinton and Dole Clinton would win in looking out for people and handling the economy. Dole would win in leadership of foreign policy, bringing needed change into government, reducing deficit, and improving the country's moral climate. The election of Bill Clinton was a negative event for America. Clinton opposed the 270 billion cut of medicare within seven years. This has been negative because we are in high debt.

However Clinton has so far suceeded with our republican Congress. The chances of Clinton being re-elected are looking positive. The people say even though they do not like his character they intend to vote for him anyway. The level of crime, drugs, and violence has decreased over a four year period. During his term he has made laws on saling cigarettes to teen stricter. Within this time the trade deficit has also fell.

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