Clinton's Chances In '96

Was the election of Clinton a positive or negative event for Americans? Dicuss how you see the election of our current president and give some opinions on what you think his chances are for re-election in 1996.

The election of Bill Clinton was a positive event for America because he got the U.S. out of a great deal of problems.

In August of 1996 , Time Magazine said that if the election was held today the results would be Clinton 50% , Dole 30%, and Perot 10%. Bill Clinton will probably be elected as the '97-2001 president of the U.S. Clinton has not worked well with a Republican congress because they do not agree with each other because they belong to different parties. They have also butted heads a good many times over Clinton's decisions. If the Congressional elections were held today, according to Time magazine, in September of 1996 the results would be Republicans-224 votes Democrats -311 votes. Clinton will come out on top because that is the way it happened in 1992.

The election of Bill Clinton was a positive event for the Democrats and a negative event for the Republicans. He is going to be re-elected for another four year term and many of Americans are going to very disappointed. If I had a chance to vote in the election I would vote for Dole because he would be a good president because he was senate majority leader and would have many good ideas to make the U.S. a better country because he is familiar with how the system works.

Bambi B.
Jamie T.

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