Clinton Will Repeat

Was the election of Bill Clinton a positive or negative event for Americans? Discuss how you see the election of our current president and give some opinion on what you think his chances are for re-election in 1996.

The election of Bill Clinton was a positive event for Americans. In his time in office Bill Clinton did many things for American people. He lifted the ban against homosexuals in the army. This gave all homosexuals equal rights and allowed them to fight for their country. He also helped others by making new jobs for people.

Bill Clinton sent U.S. troops to Bosnia with supplies to people who were ill and dying of malnutrition. He also sent soilders to Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from slaughtering innocent people. Bill Clinton has also helped to fund NASA.

Bill Clinton just recently signed a bill to allow mothers with newborn children to stay in the hospital for at least two days. It is predicted that Bill Clinton will be re-elected as president like Ronald Reagan was in 1984. Right now Clinton is leading by a significant margiane over Bob Dole.At this time Bill Clinton leads the polls by seventeen percent.

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