Why Should Clinton Be Re-Elected

Was the election of Bill Clinton a positive or negative event for Americans? Discuss how you see the election of our current president and give some opinions on what you think his chances are for the election in 1996.

The election of Bill Clinton was positive for Americans because he tried his best over the past four years. He helped the country by vetoing the partial birth abortion bill and he worked for the people. He has a very good chance of winning the election this year.

The reason why Bill Clinton will win the election is because there is nobody in the election that is better. Bob Dole will lose because the people have trusted Bill Clinton for the past four years, and he has improved the economy,foreign policy, and helped fight drug abuse.

The 96' election will be a tough one for the American people. Bill Clinton has his good points, but his bad points sometimes out weights the good ones, such as the abortion issue. Bob Dole is no better than Clinton as far as the abortion issue is concerned. Nathaniel Rollins
Dexter L.
Tom H.
Joe M.

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