Equality In The Real World

Is equality a reality in American society? If not, what things can the government do to insure that all Americans will be treated equally in the government.

Equality is not a reality in American society because there is still racial discrimination in America no matter what people say. Government has no control over this problem because people who want to be racist will be racist. People have the freedom of speech, and people will use it. There are alot of people that still are very racist against different religions, sexual preferences, skin color, and physical appearance of people.

Some businesses have to hire a certain amount or minority groups which may not be as qualified for a job than someone else because there are some inequalities in our society today. This is known as affirmative action. This program gives minorites a chance to be hired without the risk of discrimination. If I were a minority person, I would want affirmative action because it protects our equal rights.

One thing the government can do to improve equality in our nation is to create more jobs for blacks so that less blacks feel like they must turn to crime to get rich quickly. Blacks are fighting 100 years of slavery by whites because whites have discriminated against blacks even after they were freed.Some racist groups such as the KKK, Nazi Party, and the Militia may have their own beliefs on racism. The US has a responsibility to insure economic and legal equality for ALL Americans.

Nelson Moon
Stephanie T.
Carlton B.

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