The Importance Of Constitutional Rights

List some of the rights that are protected by the Constitution. Tell why these rights are important to you and how you might use them.

What things or ideas are important to Americans? There is one thing people probably do not think of: the Bill of Rights. This document contains the basic rights that we have as citizens of the United States. Some of these rights are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and rights of the accused. Whether one realizes it or not, these rights are very important to all of us.

Every time a U.S. citizen says something, they are using their freedom of speech. Not all countries grant this freedom. In some places, hate speech is punished. Now, some people believe that it should be punished in the United States, too. They say it will work for our country since it has worked for those other countries for so long. However, many people oppose this view. They point out that the other countries do not have the United States' tradition of freedom of speech, and also that it would more likely not work for us, simply because the U.S. is so diverse. It just would not work. Not all people can get along because of their differences, and that is just the way they are. Freedom of speech should definitely not be censored. If it were, it would not be a freedom anymore.

Another big issue is Freedom of religion. Some people are asking, "Does religious right threaten American freedoms?" They believe that some religious views are too restrictive and can dampen the people's freedoms. However, this is not true. People who share these religious views are not being deprived of their American freedoms, they are choosing not to use some of the freedoms.

However, not all rights are used by every person every day. For example, the rights of the accused. Obviously, these rights do not really affect a person unless they are accused of something. But, they are still important so that when and if one is ever accused, they are there to protect the citizen.

Our constitutional rights are very important. Without these rights, the United States would not be any different from other places of the world who do not have as many rights. Our rights secure our liberties and ensure justice for all.

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