Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms

Should such rights as free speech, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms be restricted by the US goverment in any way?

Freedom of speech should not be restricted by the US government in any way. One reason is it is one of our constitutional rights. People should not use words that may hurt or threaten a person, but they should be able to defend themselves in a court or criminal case.

If someone worshipped the devil, that is permited under the first amendment , but if the neighbors forces a person or try to make him beleive something else then what he wants to they will be infringes on his or her rights. If they make a petition they cannot force him/her to switch religion. Though once she/he goes out and forces people and threaten to kill. That is were there should be some limitations. There are still people who do not abide by the law. That should all have to be changed.

Gun control is not the way to go. If we would let people carry guns it would probably reduce crime. In Texas the citizens are allowed to carry guns and the the crime rate has dropped 33% according to the press. On the other hand, gun control could be a good thing. If we could control guns there would probaly be less gangs. It would be good because young kids would not be able to get their hands on guns as easily. That might lessen the number of murders with guns.

Alex Miglin
Donald M.
Ryan R.

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