The Gigantic Government

Is it possible for the U.S. government to become too powerful? What examples can you think of that congress, the president or the supreme court have taken away the rights of Americans? What was done to correct the problem?

It is possible for the government to become too powerful because the people are suppose to make the laws for the government .

The Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court have taken away the rights from American citizens such as possibly trying to take away the right to bear arms. People who want to hunt could not because they wont have guns so they can not hunt. That means that millions of Americans can not go deer hunting.

Franklin Roosevelt had made up the New Deal which was a government project that cost a great deal of money. It was not nearly as much as the government was needed to collect through taxes. Roosevelt went over the limit with money. His New Deal created programs that led to growth of the federal government. It was a good idea then because it help people get on there own two feet from the Great Depression.

There was another time that the government became too powerful. It was in the year of 1972, an election year. They found small pieces of tape over the door latches so the door would not lock. A guard named Frank Wills was doing his rounds at the Watergate building and he saw the pieces of tape and took them off . When Wills returned later the tape was back again. There were seven burglars that broke into the building looking for something to defeat the Democratic party. Nixon was re-elected. Then he resigned before he could be impeached.

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