The Great American Ideals

What ideals of American Democracy can be found in The Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to The Constitution? What are these historical documents trying to tell the world? Has the United States remained true to these ideals?

The Declaration of Independence, what does it mean to you? What ideals of American Democracy can be found in this document? Do you think that the United States follows these rules of Democracy? As a group we think that is a very important to us as citizens of the United States.

This ideals of America are found in the laws, and they guide our country.

One ideal found in the Preamble (the introduction to the Constitution) the ideal is majority rules. Majority means more than half of the people who voted. In our government the Congress has to do majority rules to pass bills, through Congress and the President. Or for new ideas like taxes, all year-round school. Sometimes it might not even make it as bill. So that is one of the ideals found in the Preamble.

According to the U.S. News and the World Report, the Congress and other two branches of the government follows these ideals. Even yet sometimes these rules are broken in the US and people seem as if they do not have equal rights because of race, color, and looks. That is why we have these ideals in our Constitution so that people have equality in this country nor discriminated either. In the recent years past the beating of Rodney King. The police officers beat this man for no apparent reason, That is one very sad example of discrimination!

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