The Ideals Of The U.S. Constitution And The Declaration

What Ideals Of U.S. Democracy Can Be Found In Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution. What are the historical document trying to tell the world? Has the United States remained true to these ideals?

The Declaration of Independence means to me that all men and women join freely together to make equal government that the U.S. can make. This is basically said in the preamble by a famous quote: "All men are created equal." The ideal of our government have remained true over 220 years.

Democracy holds that the government should receive its power from the consent of the governed. This is one of the basic ideals upon which our nation was founded. It is also the key document of American freedom when it was adopted on July 4,1776, declaring the 13 colonies to be free and independent of Great Britain.

The one goals of the constitution is to form a more perfect union, but since then there have been many changes in the constitution. Our nation is made up of many people and many different beliefs, but we are all still one nation. Under the Constitution, we have the freedom to be different, to go against the majority if we feel that it is necessary to speak out. Our freedoms under the Constitution have been looked at and reviewed many times, and even though society has changed over the years that we have been a nation, the basic freedoms we cherish are still protected by the Constitution.

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