People's Rights

List some of the rights that are protected by the Constitution. Tell why these rights are important to you and how you might use them.

The first ten amendments of the constitution are the Bill of Rights, because they provide a basic legal protection for individual rights. These rights can not be taken away by anyone. Here are some rights and why they are important to us as citizens of America.

The first amendments of the constitution are probably the most important because they are close to our every day lives. The first right is freedom of religion. It guarantees all citizens the right to practice any religion or have no religion at all. Another right is freedom of speech, which says that you can express any ideas and opinions. We can talk freely to our friends and present speeches in public. Freedom of press allows people to express their ideas in writing, as long as it is true and could not ruin a persons reputation or else you could be sued. Another right of the First Amendment is freedom of assembly. People are free to give ideas and hold meetings to express their ideas in a peaceful manner. The freedom of petition is the right to ask the government to change or stop something that they do not like or agree with. It helps the government know what the people like and dislike about the government.

The fifth amendment contains rights for those who have been accused for crimes. A person must be indicted before brought to trial. It protects a person from testifying against himself or tried a second time for the same crime. A person can not be punished without a fair trial.

The sixth amendment guarantees the accused a public trial by jury. They must be informed of the crime and have the right to question and call witnesses to appear in court. It guarantees a person the right to a lawyer.

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