Is the U.S. Government to Powerful?

Is it possible for the U. S. government to become to powerful? What examples can you think of that Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court have taken away the rights of Americans? What was done to correct the problem?

The U.S. government has enough power to "provide for the general welfare," but it spends our tax money in the wrong areas. For example, the government gives welfare money to people who abuse the system. people who work or who are able to work receive a check each month. The government should use this extra money for the people who really need it.

While President Roosevelt was in office he helped set up the "New Deal". The New Deal was a reform program. It was described as, an organized form of self help for all classes, groups, and sections of our country. In 1935 New Deal measures were coming across strong obstacles by business leaders. People argued that the measures were nothing but wasted money and they favored unions. It made the government to big because they came with an agenda without the people's consent.

Later in this century the "Iran-contra" scandal suffered surplus sales of U. S. weapons to Iran. The U. S. used the profits to help Nicaraguan rebels. Secret operations became known to the public in November 1986.The big question is did Reagan break the law? Reagan broke the law because it was a secret operation that American citizens didn't know about it violated a law called the " Boland Amendment." He should have gotten consent from the people and should have made us aware of what he was doing.

The government has been more powerful before and American citizens feel that it will become too powerful again.

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