Power Play

Is it possible for the U. S. government to become to powerful? What examples can you think of that Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court have taken away the rights of Americans? What was done to correct the problem?

With the election season in full swing, listening to all the conventions, commercials and issues can be mind boggling. Each candidate competes not only for the presidential office, but also for the respected title all Americans look to. In the past, the government has not looked so appealing, as the democratic convention appeared a few weeks ago. We must remember that it is not fun and games in the branches of the government. We must, also look at the problems they face and how assess how powerful they have become.

The government in the United States has the potential to become too powerful. We do need authoritative guidance over us, but only to an extent. The government uses its power to levy higher taxes. These taxes do however go for education, the federal debt and state work, but the American people should have more say in were their money is going.

In the past the government has used its power to negatively impact our country. The Iran-contra affair is a perfect example of the extreme power of the government that has been misused. President Reagan and his administration sold U.S. weapons to Iran and used the profit to help the Nicaraguan Contras, who were trying to overthrow a legitimate government. These sales were illegal at the time. The law stated that the sales to nations supported by terrorism was prohibited. Reagan supported these illegal sales. The majority of the investigating congressional committee involved blamed Reagan for failing to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Reagan stated that he did not know that the sales were illegal, so he was not impeached.

There are ways these power problems can be fixed. The power of the government should be used moderately and efficiently. In this case, Reagan should have been impeached for his illegal actions. The people were not given a say in the Reagan issue. As Americans we can vote for the president, but have no say in the consequences of the presidents mistake. They use their power to reign over us, but we must first give: consent of the governed."

In conclusion, we must always give respect to the men and women who keep our country running. If the Americans and the government work together to meet the needs of the country efficiently, it will be to the benefit of all of us, and power problems will be reduced. So when the American people go in a few weeks to vote, they must remember to consider the balance of powers in government as well as the beliefs of each candidate, and the issues at hand to make the best decision.

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Toni J.
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