How Far Can The Government Go With Restrictions?

Should rights such as free speech, freedom of religion or the right to bear arms be restricted by the U.S. Government in any way?

There are many views on how the government can restrict our freedoms. Some people think they should be restricted. Others think they should not be restricted at all. Rights should only be restricted when a "clear and present danger" exists.

Rights should be restricted by the government if someone's possessions or life is in danger. The right to bear arms should be restricted by the government more then anything. For example, if someone lives in a bad neighborhood and has a gun for protection and would only use it with nothing else as a last resort then the government should not step in. But on the other hand, if a gang member owns a gun and would use it to purposely kill or harm someone for no no good reason then the government should step in. The same goes for the other rights people have.

The freedom of religion is one that is hard to decide what can be restricted.Some religions have more than one wife while others have sacrifices. What should be restricted ? Religion where people have sacrifices may need to be restricted so that there are no deaths regardless what people may believe. On the other hand, if people want to have more then one wife, the decision is up to them. The goverenment should not interfer.The personal lives of an individual and his/her spouse or spouse should not be interfered with by the government.

For the freedom of speech it should not be limted in any way unless someone is theatened or is slandered. For example the government should not interfer at a meeting were people voice their opion. Unless someone at a meeting or any other convention is damaging someone's reputation or may say somthing that may get indivdual or a group on individuals in trouble with the law, then the government must stay out of it.

Bethany S.
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