Democracy In The World

Is it right for United States to convince other nations to be democratic in their government? Give examples that illustrate your opinion.

It is right to make other nations to become democratic. The Russian people took a poll in January, 1996 of 2426 people. The poll was on if democracy was more important than order. The people said that order was more important by 90% and democracy received only 10%. People said that politics was not that important. So the Russian people should have democracy because they have 90% of the world's oil. That way, if we do get in trouble, we can buy oil from Russia.

The US went over and tried to make South Vietnam democratic country in the 1960s. Their president was more of a dictator than democratic. The President Ngo Dinh Diem and his family ruled with and iron hand. We should teach other countries our government and democracy when we are at war with them. When we are there they will see how good our and government is.

So the United States should try to make the rest of the world democratic place to live.

Sean Gregory
John T.
Chester S.
Thomas P.

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