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Eric Z.

Yo, Yo, Whats up with the world and all its inhabitants? This is Eric Z. and I am a junior at North Hagerstown High. I am currently involved in a variety of activities at North High. Some of these include cross country, indoor and out-door track and Bible Club.

Dane Z.

Yo yo, this is EZ with his brother DZ. We are students at North High. This is DZ I am a freshman who is involved in many various activities at North High School. Two of these are wrestling and indoor track. That was my bro. This is EZ the other half of this page. I am very excited about the growth of our club as we continue to grow. It is an old shoaling technique called the 5 elements. One of these elements is water. You must move freely like water and flow smoothly. Another of  these elements is Earth. It absorbs water. The next is fire. This is unknown by people, yet it is under complete control of God. The next element is gold. This technique is used as a counter balance of the fire. The last is wind. God again shows complete control over the wind. He also shows this all throughout scriptures.

 Kari M

Hello, my name is Kari M. and I am a Junior at North Hagerstown High School. I run track and cross country. When I was 11 years old I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Now, I have been following the Lord for 5 years. During those five years the Lord has filled my life with a lot of great things and I have grown to trust the Lord in everything I do. My life has really been blessed, but it has not always been the easiest road. Times are still hard with many aspects of my life, and at times it seems really difficult to do what I know He wants me to do; but I still trust and believe in Him, and when I screw up I'm not afraid to ask Him to forgive me of my sins. One of my favorite Bible verses that keeps me going when I mess up is Luke 23:34 "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." My other favorite verse is John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." This verse has been a great inspiration for me during my walk with God, during both good and bad times. During my walk, I have been able to participate in many inspirational and uplifting events. One of the greatest things is North High's Bible Club. This has enabled me to gather twice a week with other believers from my school. Before Bible Club, I didn't know many people who I could talk to when I needed spiritual uplifting at school. Now I have others who I know are Christians at my school and who I know I can put my trust in. I have also been able to participate in many outstanding Missions Trips at my church, Bethel Assembly of God. These trips have included two to Mexico. The trips were very uplifting and many people were saved.

Melody M.

Hello, My name is Melody M. I am a sophomore at North Hagerstown High School. This was my first year as a member of the Bible Club. We have talked about many different things in the course of this year, such as suffering, and friendship. These topics have really helped me. On Monday's we have a prayer session, where we share prayer requests and praises. On Friday's we have a lesson led by Trudy S. She uses a book called God's Inspirational Promise Book by Max Lucado. That book has a little paragraph at the beginning and then some bible verses that go along with what the author is talking about.


Hi my name is Tyler. I am a freshman at North High School. I enjoy a lot of sports here at North High. I run for the North High Cross Country Team. We finished third place in the States. Yeah the States! I just recently started coming to Bible club to expand my knowledge of Christ. Bible Club is a great way to start and end your week. It is not just a bunch of people coming in and praying. Our Bible club is very COOL! Some times we get into really good discussions about every day problems, such as friends and grades and things like that. Thanks to the excellent supervision of Trudy S. and her super cool brother Dustin S, this club is a great success.

I think that my favorite bible verse is found in the Bible. Ha Ha. My favorite verse is "Do Unto others as they would do unto you" or something like that. In high school, this verse comes in handy. My super cool friend Dustin agrees with me. He wishes that he could be able to type like me. He knows how to press the buttons, but he just hits the wrong ones. Anyway, that verse does come in handy in high school, because you want people to be as nice as you are being to them. Well it is almost time to get out of here so this is Tyler, and Super Cool Dustin saying See ya Homeys!


nickz1.gif (1520 bytes)

I have been involved with Bible Club here at North High since my freshmen year. My first exposure to it was an invitation extended to everyone who attended See You At the Pole in September 1995.  I had only moved to Hagerstown about a year before, so I jumped at the opportunity to make some friends.  The fact that they were Christians was even better.  During that first year, I was sometimes one of just three people that came on Friday morning.  Since then, God has richly blessed our outreach to North High's Christians, and Bible Club attendance has increased to a more encouraging eight or ten students. Of course, the most important fact is that those who come to Bible Club, whether they can receive support from other Christians at their school. I cannot describe the wonder and excitement I have felt from knowing that there are other students at North High who hold convictions as strong as mine. As Bible Club has expanded, we have added new features to increase Christ's presence at North High. Last year, Trudy decided that we should meet on Monday mornings to devote them entirely to prayer. Starting out was tough, but now I look forward to that time when I share my prayer requests with God and others. This year my mom gave me the idea to start sending cards to a few teachers each week and to pray for them that week. Although we will probably not be able to get all of the staff and faculty by the end of the year, the teachers and the administrators for whom we have prayed have sincerely appreciated this expression of God's love. I know that God will continue to bless the North High Bible Club in the next few years.  

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