Democracy All Over the World: A Short Essay

I think that America should try to tell other countries that they should be democratic, as long as they do not do it through war. Not just to prove the "American Way," but because it's the human kind way. We should not see each other as only seperate and different countries, but as fellow human beings, to take care of each other; we're all we have on this tiny planet on this big universe.

If we see that someone somewhere is being treated unfairly, than it's only right to help our fellow man, and if converting the government to democracy is the only way, then so be it. How could we, rich as our nation is, sit back with our own freedoms and rights, that we take advantage of anyway, and watch other people only separated by oceans and borderlines suffer under dictatorship? It's inhumane!

It is clear that there are many peoples that are weak and defenseless against aggression, so why should not we, being a powerful nation conquer what is harming these people? It is a matter of right and wrong, fair and unjust. Seeing as how democracy is in fact right and fair, it should be the main form of government all over the world, in my opinion.

By Bonnie H.

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