George Cassutto's First Bookmarks File

Caution:  No doubt many of these links are no longer working. If you get a page that says "file not found," try deleting the page's file name with the root of the address remaining. From the stem of the web address, you might be able to navigate to the resource you seek.
Welcome to Netscape
Psychology (Social Sciences)
The ultimate band list Find your band and add it to your page.
Central Intelligence Agency Home Page Your peace dividend at work!
Smithsonian Table of Contents A treasure of data!
Les Miserables: The Musical This musical is one of the best!!
OnderwijsWeb: Onderwijs op de Elektronische Snelweg The Dutch Education Ministry Web site. English available.
Smoky Hill High School - Colorado An example of what K-12 sites should look like (IMHO)
Regional Information:States
The USA CityLink Project
Presidential IDEA Network
Presidents Hoover, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Clinton. Where's George Bush?
Index.html A very complete Social Studies Archive.
Home Page of The Netherlands
Learning Tool - History
Our Daily Bread A daily devotional for Fishers of Souls.
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Senate Committees Write your senators!
House Committees Write your congresspersons!
Contacting the 104th Congress
Dead Sea -- Introduction
NASA K-12 Internet: Schools on the Net
Social Studies Page
Worldwide Web Meta-Indexes and Search Tools
About the Internet Poetry Archive
Legislative Branch
Governmental Web Servers
Environmental Issues
Maryland State Archives Home Page Maybe we can pass the Maryland Citizenship Test by visiting THIS site!
CBS Television Home Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology (26-Apr-1995)
Entrance to the Shakespeare Web
Regional Environmental Resources
World War II - "50 Years Ago"
Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents Nice collection for adding color to HTML documents. The ultimate in History databases on the Net.
Shakespearean Insult To give to your favorite English teacher (every day!)
WebCrawler Searching Indispensible search engine for the web.
Ultimate Frisbee For rules and tips.
Harold's Home Page Interesting use of Netscape 1.1b3 extentions.
The American Revolution and the struggle for Independence A Dutch site summarizing American History's early years.
Chat Server A site for chatting on the web. Have not seen the full potential of this technology yet.

KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
The Nine Planets Very cool astronomy site. Get ready for big graphics!
U.S. Internet Service Providers L
Civic Education. Great for teachers of government. A listserve is included.
AT&T Home Page My dad-in law works here. Sorry, couldn't help it.
Welcome to Impact Online A Teacher's Discussion site and database.

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