From:"Jamie C. Peterson"  
Subject: Marijuana Critique
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 13:51:18 +0000

We read over the Marijuana Paper, and we have come to a few conclusions:
We liked the actual dates, and historical proofs that you stated.  You stated 
how much hemp is used for useful things, such as ropes, canvas, and clothing.  
Although, we don't know if we agree with the statement that marijuana was widely
used because of the scarcity of alcohol.  We don't believe that this was the 
reason that people used marijuana.  We feel that people used marijuana because 
they are addicted to the "feeling" of being high.  We agree with your points of 
using marijuana to help the nausiating affects of cancer chemotherapy.  We feel 
your points were clearly stated, but we don't agree with some of your opinions. 
Your paper was very well written.  It stated clearly, historical points, and it 
shows that you have clearly researched your topic.
   Jamie, Tiffany, Cory, and Summer

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