From: "Kristin Willi"  
Subject: critiques
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 14:05:28 +0000

Civil War-
   We thought it was a very well-written essay.  The group doesn't compare the 
South's generals to the North's general.  The facts about the South's generals 
were detailed, but unbalanced.  There was more written on the southern generals 
than the northern generals.  Several of the South's general went to West Point 
(according to the essay), which is located in New York.  New York was on the 
North's side during the Civil War so that is kind of pointing to the fact that 
the North had better training school.  Both sides of the war had good battle 
tactics, because the war went on for several years.  In the end, the  North's 
generals finally won the long, bloody Civil War.  Showing that the North had an 
extremely good army, better than that of the South.  If the south had had won 
the war, the generals of South would have been heroes to the people of the new 
country.  Since they didn't, the South's generals were not as well-noted as the 
winning North. 
   This note was written by Kristin Willi, Melinda Schmick, David Madison, T.J. 
Brown, and Heather Peterson at Champlin Park High School.  

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