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Here is a list of websites to help with the first few days of school. Copied from the H-NET discussion list for Social Studies teachers.

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Here are a few links to share with teachers as the school year approaches.

First Days of School,3002,2-9122,00.html

Tips For That First Week
Here are some great tips, with suggestions on how to use class time
in those beginning days to set the tone for the year to come, and
strategies to get yourself prepared and super-organized--come what

Getting Started How-To's
This compilation of timely tips from those-in- the-know will help
your first days of teaching go smoothly--and make you seem like a
seasoned pro! Some of the items on this how-to list include: Get to
Know Your Students on the First Day; Keep Students Engaged in
Learning With Marker Boards; Plan an Exciting First Day for Your High
School Classroom; Set Up Your Middle School Curriculum; Survive That
First Day.... and more!

Creating & Maintaining Effective Environments For Student Learning
Find effective strategies for creating an organized classroom
environment from the tips offered at this Bakersfield, Ca. site. It
includes seating arrangements, bulletin boards. minimizing
interruptions, and planning workable routines, among others.

Helpful Hints For Beginning Teachers
In looking at student teacher resources this week, it is important to
address fears and anxiety, as well as great expectations. Dr. Jane
Bluestein offers practical suggestions here to tackle potential
problem areas, such as classroom management, time management, methods
of instruction, professional interaction and professional growth. Her
tips and advice are timely and supportive; never patronizing. Well
worth the read!

Survival Kits
This site has been labeled Classroom Management, but it is really so
much more! It gives a general guide for grading; a survival kit;
welcome bags; supply lists; guidelines for classroom management;
classroom set-up tips; parent involvement discussion; ideas for new
teachers; centers set-ups; a before- it-starts list; meeting the
parents advice; the first five minutes ideas; and more--and extremely
helpful!-- suggestions.

Tips & Strategies From First Year Teachers
You may never feel you're entirely prepared for that first day in a
classroom, but here are some tips from beginning teachers who have
been there. They may help you with your own experiences and

First-Day-of-School 'Icebreakers' Help Students and Teachers Warm Up!

14 Activities
Fourteen Great Activities for the First Days of School!

Even MORE Activities
Fourteen MORE Activities for the First Days of School!

Getting to know you
Activities for the First Day of School

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