Does Intelligent Life Exist Outside of Earth?

I'm not really sure if intelligent life forms                 
exist or not. There is evidence that they do 
exist, but if there is a such thing as aliens
where would they live?

Mars' air is 95% carbon dioxide; Mercury's
atmosphere is mainly helium and argon, plus
it is so close to the sun that anything living would
get burned; Venus' air is 98% carbon dioxide
and the surface pressure is about 90 times
greater then Earths' pressure; Neptune and 
Uranus both have cloud layers of methane and
possibly ammonia; Jupiter is composed mainly
of [99%] of hydrogen and among other compounds,
ammonia and methane are present in the cloud
layers, plus there is an intense magnetic
field; Saturn is made primarily of hydrogen
and helium; and Pluto has low density. As for
the Sun and the Moon, if you even got near the Sun
you'd die. The Moon is pretty much the only
place living things could live.

As for communication, there is really no
way of communicating with aliens because
we don't know what language they speak or
what signals they respond to.

That's what I think about the existence
of other intelligent lifeforms.

  By Melissa B.

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