Poem Inspired by the Song "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee"

Bloody Battle  
Unknown people
Reported massacre at 
       Wounded Knee Creek
Youngsters killed by anger

Mad people running free
Yelling survivors

Heads full of bullets
Escaping from Hell
Angry Indians
Repeating over 
     again the battle
Terrible massacre

A Sioux Chief killed
Too much bloodshed

Women pleading for their lives
Off goes the cannon
Unfeeling white people fighting
No one caring for each other's group
Dead children everwhere
Ending the battle for a time
Displayng no fear

Knowing their life was good till then
Never seeing the sun again
Ending this Hell
Exit from life forever


Poem by Zack Manspeaker Jessica Repp Brandi Shingler Kristy Smoot

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