Image: The Great Lakes Region

Answers: The Great Lakes

Part One: the Map

Identify the items on this map:
 Answers to Map-Based Questions

Part Two: Answers to Fact based Questions

1) Which state was the first to enter the Union from this region?

Answer: Ohio

2) What is the primary agricultural product of Wisconsin?

Answer: Dairy products

3) Which state produced Senator Robert La Follette, who led the Progressive Movement, leading to greater democracy in America?

Answer: Wisconsin

4) Which city contains the home of the three major automobile producers in the United States?

Answer: Detroit

5) What accomplishment was Ohio Senator John Glenn famous for in 1962?

Answer: First American to orbit the Earth

6) Why is Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Illinois) an important figure in American politics?

Answer: First Black Woman elected to the US Senate

7) In what state is the name Birch Bayh, and his son, Governor Evan Bayh, an important one in the state's politics?

Answer: Indiana

8) Which state is most responsible for protecting the water quality of Lake Erie?

Answer: Ohio

9) Which American president defeated the Shawnee leader Tecumseh in an 1811 battle near the Tippecanoe River in Indiana?

Answer: William Henry Harrison

10) Name a senator of this region who ran for the 1996 Republican presidential nomination.

Answer: Sen. Richard Lugar

11) Wisconsin has progressed in protecting which species of bird-of-prey due to a 25-year ban on the pesticide DDT?

Answer: Bald Eagle or Osprey

12) List the three largest cities of the United States in order of population size.

Answer: New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago

13) What is the name given to the northernmost region of Michigan that borders on Canada?

Answer: The Upper Peninsula

14) Name the Ohio University where 4 student protesters died in 1970 while showing their opposition to the Vietnam War.

Answer: Kent State

15) Name the largest city of Wisconsin.

Answer: Milwaukee

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