Image: A Worker At the HBP Printing Press

The Hagerstown Media: Bookbinding and Printing

Hagerstown Bookbinding and Printing is a well established Hagerstown business trying to maintain its profitability in a rapidly changing industry. While it maintains its customers in the area of paper publishing, it is branching out into electronic publishing. This expansion is especially true in the area of providing businesses with connections to the Internet and web page hosting and development.

To inform us as to how HBP is expanding, Internet Department leaders Steven Tritle and Brian Hartlove set up a PC and monitor linked to HBP's T-1 Internet connection. Image: HBP webmasters at work.They discussed the power of the Internet in business advertising, the impact of the Internet on the future of the workplace, and how HBP has had to shift its market in order to stay in the economic game. They told us how HBP is taking the lead in technology in Western Maryland and Washington County. Their expanding and graphically developed website can be viewed at

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