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The Hagerstown Media: The Herald Mail Newspaper

The Herald Mail serves its 40,000 Hagerstown area customers with a morning and after noon edition. The newspaper has its own web address at We were given a tour by one of the reporters, Bob Parasiliti, who was very knowledgeable of the paper's history and its involvement in community affairs. He showed us how newspapers were printed a hundred years ago, and of the technological improvements that have been made over the years. The most evident factor was the integration of the computer into information gathering and reporting. As we toured the newsroom, we saw that The Apple computer was the computer of choice for this publishing company, and we learned IBM-compatibles still have a long way to go to become competitive with Macs in the publishing industry. Even though Apple seems to be in trouble financially, it is the industry standard for newspaper layout and word processing.

Image: The Herald Mail Printing PressOur group was permitted into the printing area just before the presses began to roll. The press used to print the day's issues can be seen here. It also extended into the level below this one, where carts rotated on tracks to transport the newspapers to the packing stations. We also visited the people responsible for layout, photography, and circulation. One of the most interesting facts we learned was that a color photo graph must be printed six times, each in the constituent colors that goes into making the photograph. This process was visible with plastic overlays our tour guide let us examine.

The Herald Mail donates a number of free issues to the Washington County Public Schools, and it is an important part of our community's information infrastructure. One of their top reporters, Guy Fletcher, ran a story on one our teachers, Mr. George Cassutto, who was instrumental in bringing the Internet to North High. We appreciate the time they took to help us understand the local world of print journalism a little better!


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