AP US History DBQ Essays On the Labor Movement

You are invited to review, discuss and critique the following essays on the labor movement of the 19th century. Please send all critiques to georgecassutto@hotmail.com.

Student writers have developed these essays in preparation for the 1996 Advanced Placement US History Exam. Critical comments may be based on but not limited to the following criteria:

1. Is there a thesis and does it apply to the question?

2. Are historical documents used in a substantial way to prove the position taken in the thesis?

3. Is outside information present and does it support the position taken in the thesis?

4. Does the conclusion do a good job of wrapping up the essay and restating the position of the thesis.

The Question:

Directions: Cite relevant historical evidence in support of your generalizations and present your arguments clearly and logically. Remember that this essay requires you to analyze the question and take a position with a clear thesis statement. Use both the documents AND your knowledge of American history to develop your answer. QUESTION: Develop a thesis which describes and explains public opinion of and government reaction toward the rise of the labor movement during the late nineteenth to early twentieth century (1865-1919).

The Essays:

Public Opinion and Government Reaction to the Labor Movement by Lisa Zaleski.

The Labor Movement: Violence and Reaction
by Jennifer Kopper, Dana Pentoney, Terra Harnish, Megan Craven.

The Labor Movement in the Public Eye by Cam Earle, Devon Ketrow, Richard Cross, Mike Kipe.

THE LABOR MOVEMENT: Peace Maker or Peace Breaker? by Carly Wolfensberger, Jason Karap, Jacob Mongrain, Doug McBurney.

The Labor Movement: A Violent Period in American History by Karen Sipes, Rhonda Laughman, Stacey Rohrer.

The Labor Movement: Violent and Lawless? by Katie Bondroff, Carla Daugherty, Sara Dickey, and Heather Rogers

Thankfully, the documents the students used to develop their essays have been digitized and placed on this server so the reader may use these for reference. We look forward to your input, knowledge, and understanding.

Reviews may be posted to this website. Thanks for taking part in our project!

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