Mid-Atlantic Quiz

Part 1: The Map

The Mid Atlantic States

Part 2: Information

1) George Washington and his Colonial forces survived the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge, which is located in which state?

 2) Which state was originally founded as a haven for Catholics and by whom?

 3) Name the first state in this region to ratify the Constitution.

4) Who represents the sixth district of Maryland in the House of Representatives?

 5) Who did George Pataki replace as governor of New York?

 6) Name this region's environmental problem caused by industry, overcrowding, and use of cars.

 7) Which state in the region is the number one coal and steel producer?

 8) Which state is nicknamed "the Garden State" but is also very industrial in the north?

 9) List the two largest cities in Maryland in order of population. (1990 census)

 10) Name two states in the region that lead in poultry farming.

11) Which state of this region elected Christine Todd Whitman as its governor in 1994?

 12) The Delaware River acts as a border between which two states of this region?

 13) Which state capital is situated on the Hudson River?

 14) Which of this regions major cities is divided into five sections, or boroughs?

 15) In which city was the Constitutional Convention of 1787 held?

 16) Name two of the three rivers that surround Pittsburgh?

 17) The Potomac River acts as a border between which two states?

 18) Name the mountain range that runs through this region, starting in Georgia in the South and ending in maine in the North?

19) How many electoral votes does Maryland have?

 20) Maryland donated 60 square miles in 1791 to the US government to form what federal district?

 Extra Credit: Name the 1862 Civil War battle often called the "bloodiest day of the war," where General Robert E. Lee was stopped in his move northward toward the Union capitol, forcing him into Pennsylvania.

Answers can be found here.

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