Map: The Mountain States

The Mountain States Quiz

Map: The Mountain States

Part Two: Fact-Based Questions

1) Jeannette Rankin, the first female US representative, who opposed US involvement in both World War I and World war II, came from which state in this region?

2) Wyoming was the first state to extend suffrage to what group in American society around the 1870s?

3) Name the pair of Americans chosen by Jefferson to explore and map the Louisiana Purchase, which had been obtained from France in 1803.

4) Three states in this region were obtained by the United States in the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War in 1848. Name any two of those states.

5) In which state was the Transcontinental railroad completed by the Union and Central Pacific railroads in 1869 where the Golden Spike was driven?

6) Wyoming and Colorado produce an element that is radioactive and can be used in the development of nuclear weapons in wartime and nuclear energy in peacetime. Which element can be used in this way?

7) Which religious group found freedom from persecution when they settled in Utah during the 1840s?

8) States such as Colorado, Wyoming and Utah bring revenue into their states by which service industry based in the national and state parks and scenic beauty?

9) The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is from Utah. Who is this individual who helps approve supreme court nominations?

10) The Nez Perce tribe of Idaho was led by a brilliant chief who fought again federal forces. When he surrendered to the Federals, he said: "I shall fight no more, forever." Name this Indian leader.

11) In which battle were federal forces, led by Gen. George A. Custer, defeated by Sioux and Cheyenne forces in Montana?

12) The Chair of the Democratic National Committee is also the governor of which of this region's states?

13) Name the second largest city in one of the following states: A) Idaho B) Colorado C) Wyoming

14) Name the lake that can be found near Nevada's capital and resort of Reno.

15) Why is former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado an important politician in this region?

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