From: (Richard Miller) 

Subject: New Deal/Socialism Essay

I finally found your web site (don't ask) and read the New 
Deal/Socialism essay.  A few thoughts:

1)  Since the premise is that the New Deal moved the US closer to 
socialism, it might be useful to expand the discussion of the country's 
economic status that FDR inherited.  Specifically, the students mention 
high unemployment, but I don't recall reading about the distribution of 
income.  It's useful to consider just how income was distributed just 
prior to the crash, then perhaps guide the reader through the 
"redistribution" of income process (by discussing New Deal programs).  
I have a useful chart that I use with the kids that seems to help them 
get a handle on what distribution of income actually means, and it 
guides them to the conclusion that there was not a strong middle class 
by the time of the crash.  If you want a copy, send me your snail mail 
address and I'll post it to you.

2)  After establishing just how unevenly income was distributed, the 
students could then focus on the New Deal programs that sought to 
redistribute income.  They correctly imply that FDR not only intended 
to put a band-aid on the situation, but that he intended to reform the 
system that created the crash.  Perhaps they could evaluate his New 
Deal proposals in light of whether or not they would essentially 
redistribute income.

3)  Students could look at income distribution at the conclusion of the 
2nd New Deal and determine whether or not it was actually 
redistributed.  (They might even wish to create a chart like the one I 
mentioned above, that shows who had what by that time.)  If so, perhaps 
the conclusion that the seeds of socialism were planted in the New Deal 
could be made stronger.

I enjoyed reading the essay.  Your innovative way of reaching a reading 
audience is inspiring.  In fact, I'd like to know how you went about 
establishing your web site.  What does that Magellan 4-star rating 
thing mean?  Is that like being knighted by Queen Elizabeth?

Great work, George!

All the best,

Pam Miller (formerly Mendoza!)

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