Subject: U.S. Geopolitical Project
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Organization: SUNY at Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Dear 9th grade class at North Hagerstown,

We are a 7th grade class from Willsboro Central School in Willsboro, NY.  
Willsboro is located in the northeastern corner of NY.  We are about 45 miles
east of Lake Placid and 90 miles south of Montreal.  We saw your project on the
Internet and would like to send you some information on our state and town.

New York history: Prior to the exploration of Verrazano in 1524, New York was
occupied by the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes.  In 1609, Henry Hudson sailed
as far north as Albany in service for the Dutch.  The Dutch established the
first settlement in NY at Fort Nassau at present day Albany.  In 1644, the
British sent a fleet into NY harbor.  Dutch governor, Peter Stuyvesant (who
incidentally had a wooden leg) surrendered the colony to the British without a
fight.  In 1688, New York became a British colony.  New York was the site of
many important Revolutionary War battles including Valcour Bay, Saratoga and
Brooklyn Heights.  In 1788, NY became the 11th state to ratify the Constitution

Willsboro history: Willsboro was first settled in 1765 by William Gilliland.
Gilliland, who fought in the French and Indian War, received land in NY as a
result of the land grants to British soldiers following the war.  The town was
incorporated 20 years later.  Early industry included agriculture and timber.

New York economic activity: The gross state product (1986) was roughly 274
billion dollars.  The major industries included in the GSP are service and
manufacturing industries, wholesale and retail trade and transportation.

Willsboro economic activity: The major industry is NYCO which is owned by the
Canadien-Pacific RR.  NYCO mines and refines wallastonite, a mineral made up of
calcium and silicon.  Wallastonite is formed from intense heat and pressure
being put on the limestone in the Adirondack mountains.  Other industries 
include Commonwealth which produces curtains and draperies and Ashline Fruit

New York government: The governor of NY is George Pataki, a Republican elected
in 1994.  NY senators in the U.S. Senate include Al D'Amato (Republican) who
has been very influential in the Whitewater hearings and Daniel Moynihan
(Democrat) a longtime advocate of social programs.  Representatives in the
House of Representatives include John McHugh representing the 24th district
and Gerald Solomon representing the 22nd district, both Republicans.

Willsboro government: Our town government is organized like most small towns
with a town supervisor, town board (4 members), 2 town justices and a 
bureaucracy that includes a town assessor, highway superintendent, housing
coordinator and a town clerk/tax collector.

New York environment: New York is located in the boreal zone.  The biome is
primarily deciduous.  Among the many animals that roam the state, deer,
raccoon and beaver are the primary ones.  The growing season is approximately
7 months long - last frost in April, first frost in November.

Willsboro environment: Willsboro is located at 44 degrees north latitude, 74
degrees west longitude.  Much of Willsboro is on the shore of Lake Champlain.
The Bouquet river also runs through the town.

We will be sending additional information by fax or U.S. mail.  We hope this
information is helpful.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate
in your project.


Mr. Daly's 7th grade Social Studies class
Willsboro Central School
Willsboro, NY 12996

From: Hello. What a delightful project! The following submission was written by Aron Flasher, a 9th grade student at Hopkins West Junior High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

THE LAKE I remember, it was in late December and with the fires last ember our family trudged out onto the lake every member We sat out on the lake through the winter sun's bakes the winds toll it takes and the coldness is remembered for a memory it makes I recall and say that in late May we walked to the bay that day on the lake is remembered and I remember it today We swam in warm waters my sons, and my daughters and the rolling fun of laughter is vaguely remembered on the lake that day For my memories now old and slaughtered My mind now gone and severed my life no longer strong, or clever Every challenge has been weathered But those days on the lake remembered, For the lake, the lake is forever

Sincerely, Ellen Davis Computer Instructor Hopkins West Junior High School Minnetonka, MN ("The Land of 10,000 Lakes") and an awful lot of snow :)
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