Pacific Quiz

1) What is the primary industrial product of the California region outside San Francisco called Silicon Valley?

2) What 1849 event brought many settlers into the California Republic, eventually leading to statehood?

3) Which former Oregon Senator was forced to resign from the Senate for sexual harassment charges?

4) What species acts as an indicator on the health of other life forms in the Pacific Northwest's Old Growth Forest?

5) From which nation did the U.S. receive the Oregon Country?

6) Name both of California's senators.

7) Why is Senator Patty Murphy known as "the senator in tennis shoes?"

8) From what type of trade did John Jacob Astor earn his millions in the early 1800s in Oregon?

9) Name the major cause of earthquakes that runs along the coastline through California.

10) Name the state that was known as the "Great Bear Republic" from 1846 to 1848 until it was obtained by the United States.

11) What is the name of the desert area that holds the records for hottest place in North America as well as the land with the lowest elevation in North America?

12) Which agricultural product is Northern California's Napa valley known world-wide for?

13) Which state claims to have elected the first Asian-American to the position of governor?

14) Which industry is Democratic Representative Harvey Waxman known to criticize and call for increased regulation?

15) Which city experienced $7 billion in damage due to civil unrest and riots that took place in 1992 as a result of the Rodney King beating case?

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