A Reasonably Complete List of Social Studies Bookmarks

Public Broadcasting Service
Robert Walls: Government Resources
Abraham Lincoln Online
Holocaust Pictures Exhibition
Discovery Channel Online
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Yahoo - Arts:Humanities:History
Social Studies Sources
Social Studies School Service
Learning Tool - History
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
American Antiquarian Society
Chicago Historical Society
Hawaiian Historical Society
IHR-Info (Institute for Historical Research), London:
Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) University of Minnesota: (wurlx001@maroon.tc.umn.edu)
Indiana Historical Society
Kansas Historical Society
Truman Presidential Library
Global list of all history depts
Lynn Nelson & the folks at U Kansas History Directory
Association for History and Computing, Groningen, the Netherlands
George Mason U
US Historical documents
History of Science/Technology/Medicine
Mississippi State -- historic documents, esp Latin America
U of Montreal
Ohio State University: Dept. of History
The History Page
National Council of Social Studies
The Valley of the Shadow = Virgina, 1850s
National Center for History in the Schools
National Endowment for Humanities
French culture: HAPAX
The Humanist Web
T-AMLIT American Literature
The Top 5% of History Websites
U of Kansas History Website:
The Central Information Server For Historians
Australian National University
Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources
Internet Movie Database
Krannert Art Museum
Media History Project
Paleolithic Cave Paintings
Vatican Website's Sistine Ceiling
Vermeer Paintings
WebMuseum (Louvre): (very valuable for European art)
WWW Museums Site
American Memory Project (of Library of Congress)
Vincent Voice Library
The Ancient World Web
Exploring Ancient World Cultures:
Perseus Project
The Alexandra Palace Time Machine
Russian Research Centre
Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Women's Studies: U Maryland
Electronic Text Collections
Ben Franklin Documents
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
University of Virginia Electronic Text Center
United Nations Development Databases
US Population Data: Fertility/Family Data
Higher Ed Web Pages List
National Archives Online Exhibit Hall
PRESIDENT (Presidential Libraries)
UN Home Page
Martin Luther King (Seattle Times)
POTUS: Presidents of the United States (from The Internet Public Library)
George Magazine
The Houses of Parliament Home Page
The History Geek's American History Research Area
Internet Resources for Political Science and Public Administration Students
An Abridged History of the United States
The Smithsonian Institution
FedWorld Information Network
The Thomas Congressional Server


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