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The Beatles changed American social history with their innovative lyrics, songwriting, and style of singing.

Everyone knows the Beatles, the hot pop rock group from Britain that rocked the nation. Their success and popularity in America brought closer ties between Britain and the United States. They were the only foreign musical group that has made a hit like that in the United States. A generation of people grew up loving the British Beatles. This helped Britain and the United States to share social values.

The Beatles developed a new style of music that was a mix between American rock and roll and rhythm 'n' blues. They had a unique sound and lyrics that were easy to sing along with. The Beatles have been one of the last groups so far in history to start a new kind of music.

This new kind of music got people interested in music again. People were tired of the same old music and craved something new. They started to buy more music which jump started the multimillion dollar musical industry that we have today. The Beatles also paved the way for future musicians to become worldwide megastars through the musical industry.

Before the Beatles, people used to joke about not letting their daughter marry a starving musician. However, after the Beatles, musicans started making more money and people started to change their feelings towards musicians. Now if your daughter married a rock star, she'd be a millionaire.

The Beatles were also trend setters. They started the group or band craze. Before the Beatles, most popular musicians were soloists, such as Elvis Presley. After the Beatles, musicians tended to perform in groups. This became more popular as time went on.

The Beatles also started the trend of men having long hair. Before the Beatles, only short hair was considered attractive. The mop-tops on the Beatles were considered to be long in their time. However, now, mop-tops are considered to be short. Men's hair now ranges to just about every length. Although short hair on men is still considered attractive, long hair is becoming ever more popular.

The Beatle's clothes were also unique. Like musicians of their time, they started out wearing matching suits. However, as time went on, their clothes started to match the personality of their songs. This revolutionized clothing for musicians.

The Beatles were the first pop group to write their lyrics on the back of their albums. For example, on the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album, there were lyrics so people could sing along with them. This album was also the first album that did not have breaks in between songs. The breaks were replaces with noises such as laughter, electronic noises, and animal sounds. Their lyrics were silly, happy, and about love. Their variety kept peop

The Beatle's song writing was also different from that of other bands of their time. Their meter was square, the main beat was accentuated, the syncopation was at a minimum, and the harmony was modal. This new groovy beat captured the hearts of many Americans which lead to Beatlemania. The people who liked the music usually took on the values of the Beatles which was shown in their lyrics.

The Beatles revolutionized America with their creativeness and individuality.

Lisa Zaleski & Katie Bondroff

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