Image: The Prince William Sound Clean-Up


Exxon Vadez was an American oil tanker that went down on a reef called Prince Williams sound in Alaska on March 24th, 1989. The three hundred and one meter tanker leaked oil for two days, two hundred sixty thousand barrels, which is the most in American history. There were one million barrels remaining, they were removed from the vessel and loaded onto other Exxon ships. The clean-up was slow due to lack of responsibility for the disaster.

The biggest concern for Alaska was the economic impact on there natural resources, especially the fishing industries. They were affected in 1989, but they eventually recovered from the horrible disaster that affected so many humans, animals, and wildlife. The captain of Exxon Valdez had a history of taking drugs; therefore, he was fired for leaving his post and letting an inexperienced officer who was not capable handle the vessel inside the sound.

In 1991 Alaska agreed with Exxon and Alaskan Pipeline Service Company to pay restitution in excess of over one billion dollars for the disaster. The water quality since the accident has been tested over five thousand times in thirty two offshore locations, and the water was found to be very low in toxicity. The substance that they were looking for is the highly toxic chemical called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (palls). Since there was not a lot of toxicity the Alaskan wildlife has restored itself.

by Nathan R. B. and Courtney M.

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