Jerry Garcia

Jerome John Garcia was born August 1,1942 in a small hospital in San Francisco. He lived most of his life on Herrington Street, and went to the Herrington Street school. His dad drowned when Jerry was about seven years old.

Jerry Garcia was in bands before The Dead including the Jerry Garcia Band, The Purple Toungues. Jerry was also a renowned artist and designed watches and ties. He wrote an autobiography called "Herrington Street" He died in early August just after his 53rd birthday while in a drug rehabilitation center. Jerry's death was a great tragedy for his family, friends, fans, and the city of San Francisco itself. There was a memorial for him on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Many people around the country mourned his death even people that did not listen to their music. We have liked The Dead for a few years, but never got to see them live. The closest we will ever get to that would be listening to some bootlegs or live CDs. He will never be forgotten.

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