New Life in America

evil came 
destroying everything
its hands can reach
every day is a pain
every day survived a miracleImage: the Statue of Liberty
the ones I loved
were taken away
I want to live!
investing sweat, blood,
life, and death
this game was being played
running away,
from my native land
all my memories
everything I've owned
given up
for one big mystery
freedom is the mystery
crossing the pond
so many other people
like ants trying to find their sand pile
it is raining
but it was raining harder before
New York!
I knew this word ever since I was born
but to associate something with it -  I've never been able
well, I guess this is it
this is my new life
but I don't feel like rejoicing
I'm as unemployed as everyone else
I'm not special
I'm back to zero
I don't understand why
Germany lost the war, Hitler didn't even lose
because he didn't care!
didn't care about anyone in his country
the people lost - not the government
there wasn't even a government
and after we lost -things were  indescribable
no one ran, but I did
I deserve something better than
no  home, no insurance, no food, no...
and I used to have all the things, 
hoping, living on,
that's can do
I am free
A poem by:
Charlena Hose
Julius Dengle

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