Janet On The Knowledge

My name is Monea` B. and I'm fourteen years old. Janet Jackson has been my idol ever since I was four years old and I have followed her career for ten full years. I have all of her albums including "Rhythm Nation," and my favorite song is 'The Knowledge'. I think that it is a very inspirational and uplifting song. I have interpreted 'The Knowledge' into my own feelings based on experiences that I've had throughout my life.

Verse 1.

  Insight to what's goin' on
Information keeps us strong
What you don't know can hurt you bad
Take it from me you'll be walkin' around sad
Cryin' for a better day
Until you educate for a better way
So if you wanna be in control
Ya gotta get yourself in the know.

My Interpretation:

Pay attention to what's going on. I always say " You won't get anywhere without an education." If a person wants to get a good job and get around in this world, then they need to go to school.

Verse 2.

Spreading vise don't believe the hype
You don't find the knowledge in a pipe
Too many lives go up in smoke
It's nice to laugh but don't the joke
To get over get better
Try to be the possesor
Of the one thing we all need in life
To suceed take my advice

My Interpretation:

Don't believe it when people say that a person does not need to be educated to get a job. People won't become smarter by being irresponsible and doing drugs. Too many people blow their whole lives getting drunk and getting high. It's no fun when a person gets laughed at for their failures. To become somebody who is respected, go to school and learn to succeed in life.


Predudice No!!
Ignorance No!!
Bigotry No!!
Illiteracy No!!

James Harris and Terry Lewis, the writers, included this to tell people not to discriminate against others and to try to teach children to love and not hate someone just because they are different.

Verse 3.

Listen it's up to everyone
If we're gonna change the way the world is run
The way to start is to rid the children of
Prejudice and ignorance
We've gotta teach our kids to read and write
That's the only way to win this fight for life
Education is the goal so
If you wanna be in the know
Get the knowledge
It's the one thing we all need in life

My Interpretation:

Society should pay attention to help make the world a better place to live and teach our children values. The only way to make it in life is to be well educated because when all else fails a person will still have their knowledge and wisdom.

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