Scott Sells Korn

The hardcore band KORN is becoming one of the biggest bands among the skaters, punks and hardcore groups of people. Korn is my favorite band. Not many people have heard of Korn because they aren't in to that kind of music. I'm always being asked, "Who are they?" or "What are they like? I've never heard of them before." Click on the spinning Korn wheel to find cool Korn sites (thanx to Korn Central)

Most of my friends listen to them. The only song that people may have heard of is "Blind", that is because it's the only song that they made a video for, but MTV hardly ever shows it. My favorite songs that they sing are "Ball toung", "Helmet in the Bush", "Divine" and "Shoots and Latters". Some people say that KORN is the heaviest band around.

What do you think?


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