The Statue of Liberty

She brings life to those that never lived
Teaching men to put their weapons down
Always welcoming someone into her arms
Taking nothing but willing to provide 
every child with a home
Understanding our downfalls
Eternally standing for life and liberty

Offers choice and virtue
Forgetting all the wrongs, trying to set things straight
Lifts up the spirits of every heart
Instead of greed, she provides the hungry with food
Bringing belief in freedom
Earning her standing of beauty
Ranking as the most liberal person
To the country, she is a mother
You shall never forget, for she will always 
stand for happiness.

All in all, she stands for freedom, liberty, and justice. She stands for America and people everywhere. She stands for our triumphs and our sorrows . She stands for us, all the ones who have came to pass and the ones soon to come.

For a view of the statute of Liberty, visit The Lonely Planet

Antionette Campbell
Emily Bowers
Katie Dunn

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