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Welcome to our team page. We have alot of really cool stuff about ourselves and our school North Hagerstown High School. We're going to mention stuff about our hobbies, interests, sports, etc... well here goes .

Hey what's up , I'm Bambi . How's it going? I'm going to start by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm a freshman, we're at the bottom of the barrel. Every student at our school who isn't a freshman is like "yuck, look at the little freshman. We'll show them how it's done at our pep rallies."

I have a big family, lots of relatives, 6 pets, and my mom says I have an "attitude problem." Well, I'm going to tell you about our favorite music and sports of the people on our team.

Our team likes many kinds of music. I like mostly alternative music like groups such as


and many , many more. Jamie likes really any kind of music that's out there like country, soft rock, rap, alternative, ect... sports are a big thing here at North High and my team likes just about every sport all the same. I like Volleyball, basketball, soccer, skiing, skating, and just about any other sport that's out there. Jamie likes tennis, soccer, basketball, and many more.

Hey, I'm Jamie the other arm of this team. I'm from the best undefeated school in the world, what school do you ask well North Hagerstown High of course!!! I'm here to tell you about our team interest and hobbies. I like to walk and listen to many kinds of music. Bambi has a lot of hobbies and interest, she likes to sing, dance, ski (water and snow), skate, play volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Well, those are our hobbies and interests all put into one short and brief little paragraph.

Our team page has a lot of information about us and our school and we like to get your opinions about your interests and what you think about our awesome North High team page. So fire up that e-mail and hit send!

Bambi B.
Jamie T.

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