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Meghan A.

Hi, my name is Meghan Adair and I am a thirteen year old freshman here at North High. Here at NHHS We have a variety of sports. Some are Soccer, Football and cross country. We have more but that might tak e up the whole page to tell you all of them. Anyway I want to tell you about me. Well, first off, my birthday is Nov.19, 1982. I have four brothers and they are all older than me! I have two dogs and six cats! I had a hamster, but he kicked the bucket a w hile back.

I consider myself a very out-going, athletic, and out-spoken girl. To have so much energy, I play a sport every season. I play soccer year round on a club team named the Comets. I play Basketball, Softball, Tennis and I play Volleyball with friends. My f avorite sport out of those five sports would most definitley be Soccer! I love playing soccer. I have been playing for seven or eight years now. My brothers have been playing soccer for years also. Some of my friends think I am pressured into playing beca use of all of my brothers playing. Well, really I am not. If I decide I dislike it, then I can easily stop playing (but I don't think that will happen).

As I grow older, I plan to go to college and play soccer. I want to become a lawyer and even if it could possibly happen, play for the U.S. olympic GOLD medal soccer team. Well I better go. What sports Do you play if any? E- mail me back at NHHS.

Kerri W.

Hello. My name is Kerri and I attend North Hagerstown High School. My favorite subject is English. I love to write poems and stories only if I can pick the topic so I have a lot of background information. For my team page, I decided to share one of my favorite pastimes: writing poems.

The green little froggie hopped really high 
Trying to catch the black little fly.

He chased it from lily pad to lily pad
Then suddenly he became very glad.

His long, stretching tongue, pink with a slimy feel
caught the little black fly for his yummy meal.

I have just now told you one of my favorite poems. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Vincent M.

Hi! My name is Vince and I'm going to tell you how the North High sports are doing this year. Most of the Sports are doing quite well. Except the varsity and freshman football teams. Although our freshman team has won a game against an undefeated te am.

The soccer teams are very tough.The boys J.V.and varsity teams are undefeated. They are out-scoring their opponents 12 to 2 in 8 games!!! The girls team for soccer are doing good too. Although they aren't undefeated but are being very successful.

Volleyball has gotten off to a great start! They are 4 and 3. They look like the rest of the season will be as successful as our other fall sports. How are your teams doing? Write me back at North's E-mail address and tell me.

Andrew K.

Hi, my name is Andrew Krumpe. I am fourteen years old. I like to go flying in my Cessna-206 and skyhawk-172. Every week I go flying to York or some other place to eat lunch with my Granddad.

I love to play sports during the school year. Some of the sports I play are soccer, and basketball. In soccer, I play every position. In basketball, I am the rebounder and point guard.

My Granddad owns his own store. I work their every week on Friday. I work there because it is my family's business and it is a fun place to work. My great grandfather started the business in the Depression, and it is still being passed on from father to son.

In my future I plain to go to college and be able to speak German, French, Spanish, and Italian. I am taking German now in high school. I plan to take four years in high school. I plan to play on the soccer team in high school, and in college. I hope t o have a family of two or three children of my own. I plan to travel the world, see interesting things and meet interesting people, and do things that Man thought impossible. I also plan to own lots of land in different countries all over the world. If you have any thing to tell me about anything E-Mail me here at North Hagerstown High School.

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