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Katherine and Volleyball

Hi my name is Katherine. I'm a member of the computer club at North High and also enjoy many other activies. Such as volleyball, tennis, and swimming. As a member of the North High volleyball team I play the position of a setter. In the summer, I'm on a swimteam and a tennis team. Also I am on a traveling volleyball team that placed second out of the whole East Coast. On the other side, I enjoy the subject of English and Math. I had one of my many poems published in a book last year.

SAT Tips

Hi! My name is Ankur and I am in 10 grade. I live in Hagerstown, MD. My favorite subject is algebra. I am also interested in science. Tennis and biking are my favorite sports.

Are you preparing for the SAT and PSAT? Here are some tips for studying.

1. Write a difficult word on one side of an index card and its definition on the other side. Learning these words will improve your vocabulary.
2. You can read a good newspaper and understand the difficult words in it and you can know how it is used in sentences.

You can also prepare from these books:

  1. SAT supercourse (1996).
  2. Preparation for the SAT and PSAT(1996).
  3. Barron's how to prepare for the .....(1989).
  4. How to prepare for the scholatic aptitude test (1989).
  5. How to prepare for SAT 1 (1994).
  6. Preparation for the PSAT-NMSQT (1988).
  7. Introducung the new SAT....(1993).

If you are looking for free SAT math and verbal lessons and quizzes you can check them at

I hope this infomation has helped you in your sat preparation. We can e-mail each other and become net pals. I would like to hear from you! My e-mail address is .


I am Shauna M., a fourteen year old student at North Hagerstown High. I was born May 7,1982 in Washington County Hospital. I have lived in Hagerstown all my life. I have favorites such as my fvorite food being french fries and my favorite color being green. At North High I am involved in color gaurd. I am very involved in gaurd and it takes up most of my time.

Kristin: The Cheerleader

Hi, I am Kristin D.. I am a fourteen year old freshman here at North Hagerstown High. I was on October 15,1982 in Washington County hospital, Hagerstown, MD. I am actively involved in Cheerleading here at North. This is my first year cheering and in my opinion I am doing rather well. My favorite sport is cheerleading. My favorite food would have to be mainly any kind of fruit. My hobby is also cheerleading mainly because it takes up most of my time and I enjoy it very much.

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