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Hello, welcome to the surfer's web site. On this page, we have written about certain topics we are interested in. Please feel free to read on and find more about ourselves.

Lindsey On Life

Hi, my name is Lindsey. I am fifteen years old, and I'm a sophomore. I am going to write about high school life. Being a teenager isn't an easy job. There are many trials and tribulations that teens have to go through such as: peer pressure, school work, dealing with our parents, finding friendships, finding relationships, and trying to become mature and responsible. This is a very hard time in our lives right now and we have to try to deal with any situation that might occur. We have to be responsible in our actions, and always strive to be the best we can. Life can be really great sometimes or it can totally suck.

Fashion by Terillie

Hi, my name is Terillie. I am fourteen years old. I am going to write about the latest fashion in our society. Wide-leg jeans, extra-large shirts, and colored hair are all a part of the world wide fashion. Every year something from the 70's and 80's comes back in style. Kids have been experimenting with a diversity of clothing. For instance, some like the "punk" look wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve Ouiksilver shirt, a pair of over sized jeans and a worn out pair of Airwalks. On the other hand, we have girls who have chosen the belly top shirts accompanied by a pair of Levi's wide legged jeans and Reebok classics. Hairstyles have also evolved form the beehive to twisted braids. Clips are also very happening. They come in a wide assortment of colors. While most people still enjoy a simple pony tail, others are sporting different looks. Mostly all these fashions of 1996 are influenced by music. The type of clothing we wear is sometimes impacted on by the type of music we listen to. Everyone has their own type of fashion and style.

Hi, I'm Austin S., a 14 year old freshman. I'm interested in computers and watching movies. I'm going to write movie reviews, since all I do on weekends is watch movies. A good movie I watched recently is "Extreme Measures" with Hugh Grant and Gene Hackman. This movie is about a doctor (Gene Hackman) who does experiments on humans. "Extreme Measures" contains great acting by Hugh Grant and has a lot of suspense. Overall, I rate this movie a 9.5.

Another movie I've recently seen is "Bulletproof", with Adam Sandler and Daman Wayans. Like Sandlers previous movie, "Happy Gilmore", "Bulletproof" is a sick comedy with disgusting jokes and an off-beat sense of humor. I give this movie an 8.0. I will update my reviews as new movies come out, so be sure to come back!

Lindsey I.
Jason O.
Austin S.
Terillie H.

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