This the team page of the tigers. We all have very different kinds of topics.

Sean G.

In the wild tigers are mostly loners but if they do meet other tigers they gently nudge one another. The female tiger raises her cubs alone. Tigers' habitats are hot humid and icy cold weather. The tigers mostly live in rain forest, dry woods, grasslands , swamps, marshes, and snowy mountains. The mostly rare tiger is the white tiger that was common in parts of India. The tongue of the tiger has sharp short hooks that help thin to scrap every last piece of meat of the bone. They do almost all of there hunting at night some may continue in the day if he/she is not successful. The teeth of the tiger our like daggers. Tigers can grow to be 11 feet long from their tail to the end of their nose and weigh up to 400 pounds. The big tigers can weigh up to 645 pounds. The tigers can weigh 300 pounds and be about 8ft long. With their strong muscles, they make them fantastic swimmers that what they can carry their prey through the water. Their coats help them to be hidden in the wild and help keep warm when they our in the cold. Please try to help the rare animal, the tiger.

John T.

If you have not being paying attention lately to the music world, Death Row Records Tu-Pac Shukur was shot after seeing Mike Tyson fighting At the MGM in Las Vegas against Bruce Seldon and week later he died from failure of his heart. As a result of his death MTV has been playing a lot of his music like "Dear Mama" and "Me Against the World ,& "I'm Not Mad at Ya."

Tom P.

The Bald Eagles or Haliaeetus Leucoccephalus is a peaceful bird. Did you know that it is illegal to kill eagles but perfectly legal in most cases to destroy eagles' homes? HELLO! Does this make any sense to you ? This bird of prey became our nation al symbol in 1872. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin would have preferred a native bird, the turkey, but he was overruled . The eagle has symbolized official power since the days of ancient Egypt to the days of the Native Americans to the present day.

Thomas Pereschuk
John T.
Sean G.
Chester S.

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