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I am writing about baseball. My favorite player is Cal Ripken. He is like an idol or like a role model to me. But my favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles. They have "the bomb" team this year. They have Bobby Bonilla, Rafael Palmero, Roberto Alomar, and Cal Ripken. They are 2 games up on the Cleveland Indians (written during the wild card playoffs). I want them to win the world series. I really like the Orioles. This is what I wrote about in our team page.

Mountain Biking In Maryland

White Tail is a very good place to go mountain biking in the summer. In the winter, White Tail is a great ski resort. In Maryland there is also the Tow Path in Williamsport, Md. If you like hiking you have the C & O Canal. These are some of the places good for mountain biking and hiking.


Wow, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Colts 24 to 21 to go to the Super Bowl! That's all that mattered to me. Even though they did not win the Super Bowl, they are still my heroes. Now I have the Orioles to look forward to. They are winning the series against the Indians 2-0 and they play them on 10/4/96 again. I hope they win because then are my favorite and they are also the best baseball team.


Motocross is an extreme sport, you have to be a very experienced rider in order to succeed. To be an experienced rider, you have to practice a whole lot, and one has to be willing to take falls and be willing to try again until you get it right . Motocross is a very competitive sport and you have to be very involved.

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